MicroDDS Data Distribution Servcice (DDS) for embedded systems

MicroDDS is a tailored middleware for micro-controllers to match the communication needs of the client's applications in small devices.

  • for 8-bit micro-controllers with less than 2KB SRAM and less than 32KByte ROM
  • built with the focus on performance and resource limited hardware
  • compliant to the DDS standard — proven and robust network technology
  • auto-discovery of peer nodes, and integration into the DDS infrastructure
  • simple and easy to use API (4 methods each)
  • enabling fault tolerant and high-available DDS applications for sensors and actuators

With MicroDDS you opt in to the newest publisher / subscriber network technology for real-time systems on the market.

MicroDDS sender API

MicroDDS delivers a tailored implementation of DDS: the Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real time Systems — a standard of the Object Managing Group (OMG).

MicroDDS based devices, such as sensor and actuators, integrate seamlessly into your DDS infrastructure by the interoperability protocol DDSi/RTPS, using the Quality of Service (QoS) aware publisher / subscriber communications.

We are a team of middleware experts — we keep you in touch with the leading technology:

  • DDS consulting — providing training and the development of solutions
  • Development boards, materials and test environment — proof of concepts / realization
  • DDS gateways / bridges and cryptography
  • Health-check of your DDS system, covering performance, fine tuning of 54 Quality of Service (QoS) parameters, structure and footprint size
  • Professional support for MicroDDS applications — providing support remote and on site

icoup - technology and management consulting provides consulting for DDS and MicroDDS, a tailored implementation of DDS for small devices, micro-controllers and embedded systems.


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